How to extend token from Ethereum to Cardano?

Hi Everyone,

Currently assume that I already had a token A over Ethereum with a Maximum Supply of 10,000. How would I take some supply from Ethereum and put it over the Cardano?
Let say 5000 tokens per se.

What I want
Total supply = 10,000 tokens A
Ethereum = 5000 tokens A.
Cardano = 5000 tokens A.

Any thought on this?

As you know they are very different blockchains so it can’t be the same token on each side. Unless using an exchange (centralized or decentralized) I do not see how you could do that.

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coinbase could do it.transfer it to coinbase then exchange to fiat or maybe exchange directly to cardano.
this is only how it could work, not my opinion to do so

But as a company point of view, we need to allow Dapp in different blockchain to use our token. Cause some user prefer to use Cardano, some user prefer to use Ethereum, some prefer others. For us, they are all our customer.

lawweiliang One time will come. a wallet will do all this.This is the newcomer, the new facebook, the new microsoft like.
But its not very easy because the material is money-like.
Who can you trust?


There are some misunderstanding. If I want to convert my token to ADA or ETH. I could do it over different exchanges.

My question is as a company itself, how would I distribute my token among different blockchain?

I had seem a lot of project cheating their user by telling them they are going to expand their project to other blockchain and with this, their total supply is double up.

Here is what I observed
They will deploy a smart contract that generate 100,000 tokens over Ethereum.
Then, they deploy another smart contract that generate 100,000 tokens over BSC.
In near future, they will deploy another smart contract that generate 100,000 tokens over Elrond.

White paper = Maximum Supply is 100,000 tokens.
Total token in the Market = 100,000*3 = 300,000 tokens

Hmm, pretty weird right?

lawweiliang The difference between all the tokens is a difficulty.

But this is a chance too.
A technical problem of one token or another problem will not affect all other tokens with one action.

About your suggestions.They all want your support----> money

But could the fulfil all your dreams.I doubt it

A fighting between crypto is more real then a union because like i said.One problem should not affect all other -----> solitaires(cryptos)

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Well, I hardly see how a smart contract could “generate at will” a preexisting token. For instance if you want to exchange ETH for ADA on Uniswap (using smart contracts on Ethereum as it is indeed a decentralized exchange, and protocol) then you’ll have to change first your ETH against a synthetics that tracks the value of 1 ADA, e.g. sADA or Synth ADA which itself is an ERC-20 token. When there will be a DEX on Cardano we can expect it to work on the same principle, in the near future anyway.

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