How to generate Daedalus-Style addresses?

Still trying to figure out how to integrate ADA to my exchange.

I see Binance and other exchanges generate an Daedalus-Style address for you. What is the way to generate Daedalus-Style addresses (DdzFF) from command line? I was not able to generate this format using cardano-cli, cardano-wallet or cardano-address. I know those addresses are deprecated but some exchanges still don’t send ADA to the new format addresses, so we need to implement this one.

I was able to create the Daedalus-Style addresses using the POST endpoint http://localhost/v2/byron-wallets/WalletId/addresses of the cardano-wallet. This solve my problem.

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But byron…and we are in Shelley era

He found the correct wallet back-end API … however the newer route syntax is GET method with /v2/wallets/{walletId}/addresses

See: Cardano Wallet Backend API Documentation for the latest greatest

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