Sending ADA from Exodus wallet to Daedalus for staking, invalid address formats?

My Daedalus Shelley wallet gave me some unused addresses that go like this…

But the Exodus wallet seems to expect addresses in a different format, like Ae2td…

And I don’t see an option in Daedalus to display the addresses in any other format. What is going wrong here?

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Address addr1q992h8wqn... is a Shelley address and that is the current address format.

Address Ae2td… is a Byron address, the old format.

I think Daedalus currently only allows creation of Shelley wallets.

However, you should be able to use the N (12, 15, 24 or 27 depending on wallet) word key recovery phrase from the Exodus wallet and restore it in Daedalus as a Byron wallet. Then you can create a Shelley wallet and then there is an option to move funds from the Byron wallet to the Shelley wallet.

Unfortunately, it seems Exodus only exports the private key, not a mnemonic passphrase. Is there a way to get Daedalus to import that? I couldn’t find the option.

Actually, Daedalus is quite a PITA to deal with. I hope Exodus integrates ADA staking because I use it for other currencies too.

@ritchan Were you able to solve this issue? I am also facing the same problem.

I found a newer version of Exodus that supported the newer wallet type, although I haven’t sent anything yet so I can’t confirm anything.

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Updating Exodus worked for me.

Hello I have the same problem how did you actually make this work

I’ve used the Adamantium app web wallet, compatible with Exodus