How to get expiring pool information

Hello guys, hope you all good
I’ve just scheduled my testnet pool to retire in the next epoch. the commands were successfully done.
My question is , how to get “expiring information” like the pic below?? Is there a cardano-cli command to get this information?!


You have a pool for test, u can try on → on the bottom of the page click mainnet (should switch to testnet) and check for your pool

PS: the above picture is for mainnet

Hi @Alexd1985 ( I was born same year as you if 1985 means your birth year :wink: )

I am not sure if I get right your reply. The picture I posted is sure from testnet (it is my pool by the way)
I found interesting that the site shows now the expiring date infromation.

I would like to know how they retrieved that information, is there an api call that has expiring information? or even a cardano-cli similar command?


Ohh you are right… is for testnet

Try this guide ; to the end u can find how to retire the pool and perhpas u will find the command u need to interogate the state of the pool (for me the site is not loading for the moment)

Yeah, I followed this Guide you just shared.
I was not able to find similar command anyway ;(

Ps. their site is quite heavy, I often use their github page which has same guide

Found it.
cardano-cli query pool-params --stake-pool-id <STAKE_POOL_ID> --testnet-magic <TESTNET_MAGIC>




Additionally you can try, like this:


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