How to get tAda when faucet experiencing server error?

I’m following the stake pool course and trying to get tAda from faucet, unfortunately the faucet currently experiencing server error as below :

How long this problem will be resolved? Is there any alternative to get tAda?
Maybe anybody will help to send to my address? :slight_smile:
my address : addr_test1qzea2taqlalpquy8mysrzu399lrqwyn3rh0j6uxlhrlrm8kdvc7hex6r9hyqh0pfwa4creandeuv0cv8slyj5qrwzurqk3a0gn

I sent you some tADA. Don’t forget to write your ticker here after you create the testnet stake pool, maybe some people will also delegate to your stake pool.

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Thank you so much George…

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