Any spare tADA? Why is the faucet limit so low?

Hello everybody,

I am Patrick and this is my first post in this forum. First, I would like to say how impressed I am with this community and of course the cardano-project itself. I’ve been in crypto for a good year, but cardano has cast a spell over me pretty fast :smile:

Therefore, I want to contribute to the network with setting up a Stake-Pool. Instead of jumping right into mainnet I want to get some experience in testnet. I’ve set up a relay and BP (Ticker: PRPL) and they are running fine and are visible in TN-Daedalus. I just noticed that the chances of actually creating a block is very low with the current faucet limit. I really want to have a simulation as real as possible before switching to mainnet and see what it is like to get rewards, change pledge, cost etc. But as of now I know no other way of getting tADA except from the faucet which has a considerable low limit, anybody know why?

I’ve noticed the API-limit-bypass at the faucet so I was wondering where to get one of these? Or maybe someone has some spare tADA to delegate to my Pool, which would really help!

Thanks in advance!

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