How do I get enough tADA to produce a block in testnet?

Hi everyone!

In the last week, I’m setting a Cardano node in testnet. I would like to produce a block in testnet to feel the complete experience of having a real node. The problem is that in average I need 1M tADA for producing a block in an epoch.

Could somebody help me delegating to my pool? Or is there some way to get more tADA without the limit of 1000 tADA per day?


I would recommend to ask here:

What is your Testnet ticker? I will delegate 5M to get you running.

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The ticket is JMVT, thank you very much!!!

Done. Happy to help, if you run into issues these forums have a lot of knowledge floating around, I am also available here or on telegram @HodlerStaking if you have questions.


Thank you Ben, that was nice. I’ll also check your telegram, if I need it!