How to hide foreign-language topics in the Cardano forum

If you see foreign-language topics in the overview that you do not understand, you can hide them as follows:

  1. Open the tag list:

  2. Select the language that you would like to hide i.e. português-:portugal:. You will see a circle in the upper right corner, click it and choose “muted” at the bottom.

This has to be done for every language you want to hide and of course it does only work if the topic is tagged in the right way. In the future there will certainly be a better solution.

(This information was already available in the forum but if you are searching for it, you can hardly find it.)


Thanks, you introduced me to a new feature.

I found an easier way for me was to select the tag on an article that I didn’t want to see, then do the same as your step 2.

Now we just need to get the tip translated for all the people who want to hide all the English posts :smiley: (I doubt many are tagged with that).

This blind man just noticed there is a Spanish version of this post that is linked.

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I agree with you. This is more like a workaround, and there is a long way to go for a perfect multi-language experience.

Any way to pin this?

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i actually just figured this out within my profile because i was sick of scrolling and fishing out relevant threads… and of course after i did it i now see this thread :rofl:

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Haha finally, thank you. Try to read all the new posts. But 80% of the new topics are translations of old topics.
Almost started a topic about this issue :sweat_smile:

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The plan is to create more of this how-to topics first and then link them in one topic that we can pin. Something like “The Pro Tipps of the Cardano forum”. :grinning: