Two main tips for a great Cardano forum experience (hide languages)

In my eyes, there are two main tips for a great Cardano forum experience, which are tailored to your interests:

1…Mute categories that are not relevant for you. Like all languages that you don’t speak. Stake pool operator topics if you don’t run a stake pool. Developer topics if you are not interested in developing.

To mute a category simply open it and click on the bell in the upper right corner, click it and choose “muted” at the buttom. This video shows the whole process:

Besides categories, you can also mute/unmute certain tags. I explained this in an older topic here: How to hide foreign-language topics in the Cardano forum

2… Use the “latest topics”-menu to get a clear list of everything that is interesting for you. (All muted topics are now hidden)

latest topics

or even better, bookmark it as an entry point:

I understand some people might prefer the views “unread” or “new” because it adds nice topic markers. These views are only one click away, or bookmark them as entry point: