Cardano forum needs better display and easy navigation of the forum design

The current cardano forum is not easy to get things we are looking for, it can be improved a lot for a better user experience while searching also it can help anybody members and visitors to catch their attention with relevant content right on top of the site, if the web designer/admin could make a better version of it, for example using the top side organizing the main content right there, easy to access and useful for anybody trying to read some content quick. So far the forum design is not friendly and it is not helping new people to get engaged when they do their first visit or get their first impression of it. So far it is so basic, and it deserves a better look and usability (navigation)…

For example at the top can be displayed a main section of 7 raws showing the top 7 content with their author, on the same top rectangle/section showing active users, close by showing top news/updates. The idea is to use the top area as much and as organized as possible.

Basically I am giving feedback for the look of main page: The display of content needs to be well organized in one main first page. It can be made cozy, eye pealing, nice, neat…


Don’t know whether that sort of customization is possible using Discourse.

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Hello @carda88 and thank you for your suggestions, we are always try to improve the forum experience and you are making good points here.

As a basic tip, I wouldn’t always go to the landing page since it shows everything. And not everything is relevant to you, which leads me to the next point: what is relevant for you may be useless for someone else or vice versa.

Based on your suggestion here, I’ve created a new topic with the 2 most important points on how to get the Cardano forum to show you relevant topics: (by muting categories that are not interesting for you or you do not speak a certain language)