Dedicated Cardano online magazine

I have been Cardano Investor since the beginning of 2017 and I love this project and what it stands for, but finding the relevant and latest information is very hard as it’s all spread out across different channels.
so, I am developing an online magazine around Cardano and it’s echo space.

Finding reliable information requires looking for hours on many different platforms. Critical information about the platform is getting lost in the process which in turn affects investor sentiment. Having one place where current and potential investors can go to get the most current and reliable information could boost investor sentiment and build excitement around this project.


  1. Aggregate all important information about Cardano in one place.
  2. Show reliable content based on reliability and trustworthiness.
  3. Highlight the latest and greatest innovation and partnership.
  4. One place for all the price data for all projects building on Cardano. (after Goguen)
  5. Community engagement from across all social media platforms.

I would like to know from the community what you think about this idea and what would you like to see be added to the list above?. Please list all the things in the comment section below. Thanks!


Great idea Hodlr

Been thinking the same, as there are so many channels funnelling the info will be really useful, suggest you start small and evolve.

You could have a “Pool of the week” section, would give Pools an opportunity to tell their story and maybe generate some funds by way of a small donation.

Tech demo videos section for Noobs a ‘How to’ section (how to buy, how to stake etc. ) make it easy for people to engage with Cardano. (this could be done with just links to Youtube to start with)

Have Fun :grinning:

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thanks @MachTwo I think “Pool of the week” sounds like a good idea. Having a section dedicated to the stake pool will provide greater value to the community. I appreciate your feedback.

Very good idea! I would like to help however i can!

@stakingforgood thanks! If you are interested in helping. You can DM me