Hiding translated content

Is it possible to configure hiding the translated content on this forum in the notification bar? When I open the forum, I use to check what’s new since my last visit and the news notification is completely spammed with posts of translated content, which is not really of any interest for me.


There’s no really beautiful solution to this right now. Maybe this works for you:

  1. open the tags page https://forum.cardano.org/tags and select the tag for example “translation” (to get this work, every translator needs to use this tag) or maybe “deutsch” if you prefer to hide German translations only.

  2. on this page you can click the circle then select “mute”


Thank you… will try it :slight_smile:

Let me know how it went. After going through the list “translation” is not a good keyword to mute, probably the best thing is muting individual languages like:

I did both variants. I still see that there is a number of new posts but when I expand the list, the actual translations are not there… so… goo enough. Thank you.