How to make money from issuing a stablecoin?

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We currently don’t have a stablecoin for our national currency but I think it would be really convenient to have one. Right now, I only imagine how great it would be if people can exchange ADA or any other coins with our national currency without having to use the traditional finance/banking system.

So I’m entertaining the idea of issuing our own stablecoin. From my initial assessments, the technologies I need from the legacy finance sector are already available. I can make the stablecoin directly withdrawable in cash to any local bank account or even ATMs.

I’m thinking of launching such stablecoin here on the Cardano platform when it is ready.

The only question I haven’t been able to find an answer to, right now is the economic incentive. How does one make money from launching and/or maintaining a stablecoin? How do the maintainers of existing stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, PAX, etc. get incentivized for their work?

The only way I can think of is from transaction fees. But I haven’t actually found anything talking about this. Can anyone share any info on this?

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You could utilize it for a family transfer service since so many from Philippines work abroad and send money home. See

A stable coin would open up alot of possibilities so this is just one example.

Going over the prezi now… Thanks a lot for this!

Yep, there’s definitely a lot possibilities. There’s just a huge mountain of national regulations to satisfy at the start. But this needs to be started somehow. :smile:

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A possibility for “the economic incentive”: A fiat stablecoin platform on Cardano

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