How to make NFT collection in Cardano?? Mint all Nfts under same Contract to make it NFT series

Hi Guys ^^ in ethereum under single erc721 contract different NFTS can be minted that share common contract address and its represents whole collection and user can view on etherscan the token custom name and symbol
Can I Create NFT collection in cardano? and mint every NFT under same collection to make them part of same series or Each and every NFT has it own contract address?
I would be highly thankful for yours answers ^

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Hi! In Cardano you don’t need a SC in order to create NFT. You need to create something called policy script and policy ID. You can create multiple NFTs under the same policy and then be able to see all of those on under the same policyID.

Here you can learn more

And I suggest you to go through everything they have under

it’s not a big doc and it going to save you sooo much time.

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