How to mint native token with human-readable name and logo?

I’m following the Native token minting guide, and I’ve minted a handful of test tokens on the testnet. I’m ready to actually mint on the mainnet now, but I’m unsure of how to actually mint my token such that it is accompanied by a logo and human readable name, like for example this token. When viewed on cardanoscan, the token has the symbol/asset name OPT, which is specified during the minting process through cardano cli, however, it also has a graphical logo aswell as human readable name (“OptionFlowToken”), and even a URL to the project’s website.

How do I actually include all of this metadata in my minting? Do I have to explicitly include it during my minting process using cardano-cli, or do I mint my token first (including just it’s asset name), and then register all of the other info (logo, name, URL, etc) on the cardano token registry? Will I have to include this metadata during any transactions involving this token? I want to make sure I know how this is done before I actually go ahead and decide to mint on the mainnet, in case I make a mistake. Thanks,

Yes, an entry in the Cardano Token Registry is enough for the wallet apps to display your token with nice name, logo, URL, … And you can do that entry later on after you have minted the token. You just need to keep the policy script and the private keys for the policy.

(Note: If you want your token to have decimal places, what you mint is the small denomination. If you want 1 million tokens with three decimal places, you have to actually mint 1 billion “milli”-token. The blockchain only knows integers. It doesn’t have commas. Commas are just introduced in presentation if you put decimals in your Token Registry entry.)

You could also add on-chain metadata to your token. A lot of tokens do that, although those metadata are rather meant for NFTs. That has to be done in the minting process as per the NFT section of the guide that you are already following. Drawback: Some wallet apps – especially Nami – will then present your token in the NFT/collectible section, not in the FT/asset section.

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Side note: There are also FT metadata according to CIP-68 ( Those would be on-chain and a lot more involved.

I don’t know a guide on doing that up to now.

And I don’t think wallet apps, DEXes, … support it as replacement for the token registration already. The NFT part of CIP-68 slowly gets more adoption, but I haven’t seen much for the FT part.


If I were to use the token registry, will things like my tokens logo, name etc, show up properly on DEXes like minswap and the like?

Yes, they all look up and support the Token Registry. You’ll just have to wait for your entry to get merged once you do it (but that should be days at most).

I’d actually recommend to just use that and forget about the on-chain metadata stuff (which I wrote for completeness, nevertheless).

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I see, that clears things up. Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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@Zsargul I followed the Native token minting guide and have created a test token but I am having trouble minting a second test token. Would you be willing to help?