How to query Cardano network directly to get total ADA staked?

Anyone have any examples of how to query the Cardano network for total ADA staked?

Like this …

cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id 9e8009b249142d80144dfb681984e08d96d51c2085e8bb6d9d1831d2 --mainnet | \

    "poolStakeGo": 15695564854011,
    "activeStakeGo": 23732237106487225,
    "activeStakeMark": 23726880119033853,
    "poolStakeMark": 15682568431474,
    "activeStakeSet": 23741900713307325,
    "poolStakeSet": 15672680658796

Prev Epoch: …Go
Current: …Set
Next: …Mark

I ran the query and it appears to have taken cardano-node into the weeds…bug? It took a long time for the query to finish but it did return a result.