Not all cardano staked?

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probably a simple question for many of you. I’m staking my cardano and have done that through the Daedalus wallet. However, recently I added some more cardano, and I think this is not staked… but I’m actually not sure.
When I check I see the following :
controlled stake vs active stake
How do I get the total controlled amount staked iso only the active amount.


Hi. You need to wait a bit. Beginning next epoch (epoch is five days) a new snapshot will be taken and all your tokens will be part of that snapshot. In the epoch thereafter that delegation will contribute to the probability of minting a block.

  • Epoch 1: Adding ADA to delegation, pool change, etc…
  • Epoch 2: Snapshot of delegation and pool at end of E1
  • Epoch 3: Minting blocks based on snapshot from E2
  • Epoch 4: Calculating rewards based on minted blocks in E3
  • Epoch 5: Rewards distribution

Thank you for the reply.
I’ll wait some more then :wink:

Technically, you can understand total as the entire amount of ADA you have in your current wallet. Active is the ADA number that Cardano’s staking system recorded at the snapshot time at the start of the most recent epoch. So as explained above, you just need to wait until the next epoch to see that the numbers in those two parts are equal.
You can refer to the calendar of epochs here :point_right:
Also learn about the ADA mechanism that always automatically stakes and does not lock coins in this article :point_right: Why does Cardano stake not lock ADA? | Essential Cardano

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