How to Quote other's quote or Other's thread


I have seen others quoting a part of each others quote, and when expanded it shows complete quote.

I do not know how to do this, can some one please tell or share a link which explains how to do it. :grinning:

Select the text you want to quote, click Reply!

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Just select all the text you want to quote from their post, and a button will appear on top of the selected text that says “Quote reply”.

And you can navigate to other pages to quote from them too. When you post, you will be asked which page you are replying to.

You can also select text you have written or pasted in the post you are writing and then with the text selected, click the quotation marks icon at the post toolbar, you will find it next to the link icon.


HotDamn! :sob:
(I was trying to get this done for the longest time, with no success lol)

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I know right. I tried doing the same with no luck.

Thanks @Bullishdong @RobJF If I see others struggling to do the same, I can answer them. Lol

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