How to remove an address from public IOG topology.json file?

Hello, I used to have a public server in my pool setup that i want now to be private.
It’s not in my pool cert anymore, correctly not shown as online on pool explorers but still present in IOG public file, and I’d like it to be removed…what can I do?

Stop also the topology updater and it should disapear in few days

I want it to be kept in the topology updater db, just removed from public file… what if i simply stop the relay for a couple of days? So that when I restart it, it restarts topologyupdater script only…

Wait for more days, if the relay is not present in pool registration cert anymore, should also dissapear from main topology file

I actually only switched off the relay, waited a day or two, checked the relay was not present anymore on IOG file, started the machine and it restarted re-registering itself to topology updater only, as I wanted from a private relay.
I think then IOG file’s servers are checked if online to be kept in the file independently from topologyupdater.

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