One relay not showing in topology.json

I have 2 relays online at the moment but for some reason one isn’t showing in

You can see on ADA pools that I have 3 in total (1 offline currently) and the other 2 are online and working fine. I’m just wondering why this might be and will it have any negative effect?

Hi @gametraders - Cardano stake pool checker
shows your relay is subscribed to the topology but that it is not yet part of it.
The relay most advertise itself every 60 minutes (exactly) and after 4 submissions it will be added.

Does this help find the problem now?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve just double checked my cron which runs and it seems to be ok: 30 * * * *

it’s been running for weeks so it’s done plenty of submissions :\

Check your topology log file to be sure your script runs successfully.

I had this problem with cron too where it was a user permission issue. Later however i migrated to guild operators scripts and used their systemd updater.

All looks to be fine

How long ago did you configure this cause it could take a while before your relay is added.

the official topology.json is independent from topologyUpdater…
it takes time to have listed there… maybe a complete epoch time…

@ADA4Good @laplasz this was several weeks ago now. I’ve created another one not so long ago and that one is showing. The only difference I can see is that the problem one is using a DNS entry and the other is IP

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