Pooltool.io don‘t shows my relay

Hi guys, my pool is registrated and i have two relay in the network. The ports are open and i see on tx increasing.
But on pooltool.io it doesn‘t show the 2 realys.
Have you any idea


What is ur ticker?


Hi, my ticker is sudti

It’s fine, ur both relays are fine and visible

Go to about


But now also in the https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/relays/topology.json

I can see only on relay.

sorry what anybody explain me why on adapool both relays are online but when I check the https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/relays/topology.json there is only on in the list.
Have i at the end a problem or not?
Thank you for any reply

Check ur relay topology updater script log… what is the last message received?


the last message is “glad you’re staying with us” }

Then everything should be fine;

Ok thx alex

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