Relays not online on PoolTool

Hello! I’ve recently migrated the entire pool to completely new hardware and basically made a fresh install.

The problem I have now is; Relays show as offline on Pool not showing at all on

Pool ticker is XST.
My two different relay ports are open, checking them both on ismyportopen.
Using things look good, except my extendedmeta.
Tx on gLiveView on both relays and producer are looking good.
I’ve had the pool running for 12+ hours now and things are not getting any better.

What could be wrong?

Check now, looks fine

I’ll be damned, the pool is now showing on ADApools!

But on PoolTool, for me it says both relays offline.


I guess I’ll just wait a little longer.

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Yes, on and all ok, wait more time, maybe pooltool has a delay

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