Is my pool "offline"?

Some folks told me my pool is kind of “offline”, it doesn’t look to be the case, I can delegate to it in Daedalus, relay is 100% operational on VPS machines 24h, some folks told me that I need to have opened the 3000 port to anyone to connect outside the VPS is that correct? I just can’t see any error logs but these messages tricked me because I just can’t understand if there’s something wrong here. There are no log errors…

what is your ticket?


thanks in advance.
I’m using an app named Pool TOOL, for some reason I don’t know it says my relay is offline… I don’t understand WHY it says that because my machine is running more than 9 days.

please check on this site your IP and your port ,
it must be open

also on the we see your relay is RED
[WELON] The Wise Elon Musk | Cardano Staking

you should open this port on your relay to communicate with the rest of the network

great, the ports were not opened. I created another relay, do I need change anything in my json or its automatically catch by network? it still displays offline in Ada pools now but I’m sure its open and running maybe I just need to wait a little bit?

for which json file do you speak, i dont know how is the relay running now.

also, if you created a new relay? does the relay have the same public IP , as you register the pool?


now my relay looks good in Adapools, my question its because I created another relay but doesn’t show in the website… do I need to register the pool again? I did update my pledge sometime ago but still show the old value of 100ADA.
the new relay ip is different
thanks in advance for your help

Everytime when u add a public relay u need to register it in the network, so yes u will need a new pool registration (without paying again 500ADA for registration)


yes, thank you I could make it using the same old tutorial I used to register.
I just didn’t need to pay the registration fee again… I added a new relay.

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and thank you Alex for the quick respond, i was away from internet for whole day.

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Hi, I’ve a newbie question. I made a pool., its running. I paid the registration fee, etc…
How long do I need to wait before I can see my pool in daedalus?

What is the ticker?

ticket is MIAS
I just register that yesterday

U have few errors which should be fixed

Thanks for showing me this tool. I’ll for sure send some ada to abc.
I don’t know what the problem is still.
I use the command “cardano-cli shelley stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file poolMetaData.json” to calculate the hash and then send that hash in the registration command. I also have the poolMetaData.json file uploaded to as “” I wonder why the stake-pool got a different hash that my poolMetaData.json file.

I’m going to reload the same file to git to see what happen.


I recommended to other people to change the repository from main to master … u can try and register again the certificate (this time don’t pay 500 ADA)


So if I corrected the file in the meta url so its check sum matches, do I need to just restart the producer node or I need to send some sort of transaction to the network to get that rechecked?

Sorry, I’m just too new at this.

Try to restart the node only but I think u will need a new registration, I’m not sure if u wanted to set the margin to 15%

yes, I created new registration with margin of 1%. I copied the script from and didn’t realize their example was that high. So all it did was produce a new pool.cert file and then I just restarted the cardano-node. I don’t know what transaction I might have to send to the network to make it reevaluate my new cert file or I have to wait a specific duration of time. Thanks very much for your help.

U will need to submit the new cert to the network