Is there a checklist to validate your stake pool after deployment?

I managed to stand up my Cardano BP Node and Relay node, made it it the end of the deployment guide for mainnet; pretty psyched. I put up the initial stake and I am working on soliciting other folks to delegate, etc.

Last night I checked the Cardano PoolTool web site for my stake pool ‘9Line’ and it showed up, but it doesn’t appear there today; is this normal? I can see it from the mobile app, just not the website. Any information would be great.

So as I finish up hardening security on the relay and bp nodes, I was wondering if there is a post-deployment checklist. Where and how-to, etc., for things such as ensuring your stake pool is valid, accepted, funded and available., etc.

I’m new to Cardano, crypto for the most part as well. I’ve established my stake pool to use portions of any profits to contribute to Tunnels-To-Towers, to make as many $11mo donation commitments as possible towards the mortgages of fallen military and first-responders. To that goal, just want to ensure I set everything up correctly to give folks who decide to delegate, and the goal to make these donations, the best possible chance.

Any information would be great, and thank you in advance for any information!


What is the ticker?

U can check also on - go to about tab and check the relays status… should be green


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Not sure why it’s not showing up but it’s likely a registration issue.

Looking at your pool on pooltool shows that your pledge wallet doesn’t have enough Ada to meet the pledged amount:

You can also use to check for common config problems but you don’t show up there yet, probably due to registration problems.

Make sure your json metadata file is valid json.

Thanks for the response, really appreciate it. I saw the pledge wallet issue, thanks for the heads up - I corrected it. I also validated the .json but it still isn’t appearing. What else would you recommend I try?

Hey Alex, the ticker is ‘9Line’ and thanks for the info. I checked the About tab on adapools and the relay is green - anything else you would recommend?

Check on Producer if u have IN/OUT connections, if it has tx processed, if it’s saying core mainnet; etc

Yes, yep and I think :wink: I’ve uploaded screenshots. bpnode|relay|570x290 540x402

Looks ok, only one remark… u have 3 IN peers, u will need to accept on Producer only the Relay as an incoming connection


Looks like a metadata hash mismatch issue:

Also a warning for margin… did u wanted to set 15% or 1,5%?

Margin of 15% is unusually high

Typical margins are between 0% and 5%. Check --pool-margin when

Lol, probably don’t want it that high. I just followed what was in the deployment guide. What do you recommend I set it to and how would I do that?

Register again… if u want 1,5% margin should be 0.015% if u want 2 should be 0.02% etc…

also check the metadat as @Spork sugested above

Thanks for the heads-up and the info, from what I have read I need to redo the stake registration. Can I do that using the same accounts the funds are in?

Yes, but this time u will not pay the 500ADA for registration the pool

Yes, you don’t have to pay the registration fee again.

If you are using cntools you can just redo the registration with the defaults it gives from your last/initial registration.

:slight_smile: Alex you are too fast!


Would you guys recommend I pull back the ADA and start from scratch?

Or should I start from Section 10 ( Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew from the guide I used to build - Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew - or perhaps another section?

Step 12 - register your stake pool

Aright, I’m goin’ in - don’t have the warm and fuzzies about the staked ADA. Wish me luck. Thanks Alex, Spork, much appreciated!