Is no "howto" to workout if your staking is actually working or not

I’m fine if I have not done something right. But there does not seem to be any (obvious) way to measure what I/we/you have produced is doing what it should or not … Most every other project has helped out at this level… pool TIONT

what is the ID of this pool?

sorry … TRIONT … thanks for helping . and I am trying to convert it from the 247 tut to cntools version … I have already put down a deposit on the pool, and would rather not have to drop another 500 ada

ok the id of the node is: e8b0e6480a7e83059e61fc4e51ef3d39e63e8d3e246d022c7a7f2ded
so Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web. showing that no stake on the pool and the pledge amount is not correct…
is the 10k ADA available on the pledge/owner address?