No owners listed for stakepool

Hi there!

I am currently building a stakepool and just finished it. Everything went good in the process of building the node but after deploying the certificated to the blockchain there was no listing of the pledge. When I look at my listing [FERMT] The Fermat staking pool | Cardano Staking I see that there are no owners listed and that the pledge is not met. How to debug this? Is there a way to view if the certificates have the correct address listed?

Tnx for helping out

here u can see both owner and pool wallet but none of them have ADA to the balance

Thank you very much for the reply. Sadly you are correct that those site say that there is no balance on this owner/pool wallet. What I do not get is which address this represents. It does not look like the .addr i have used to setup the certificates. How can I correctly query the chain for this address? What is correct is that the corresponding staking.addr of my pool owner .addr corresponds to the one listed by the Perhaps I generated another address of this pool owner address and deposited to the wrong address, thus not listing the pledge met. Is it also possible that these sites update the pledge when the epoch ends, this field is new for me :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the help, much appreciated!


For people that might have the same problem, I solved the mystery. Turns out I made a mistake while creating the staking address that is registered. I used a wrong vkey of another wallet. A solution to solve this is de-registering the pool and then re-register with the correct address.