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I used this: Cardano Stake Pool Owners HW Support | by AdaLite wallet | Medium to generate a multi-owner pool (previously single owner). All seems correct, the pool is showing in pooltool and adapools as having multiple owners with their respective wallets (one is hardware-based the other not).

The issue is that the funds from the hardware wallet, which was the one recently added as owner of the pool and intended to pledge, were previously stacked in another pool (and seems they are still counting for that pool delegation). We were expecting the funds to be automatically transferred once the multi-owner certificate was generated and the wallet allocated as pledge wallet but it didn’t happen. Seems that the funds on the wallet are still counting as a delegation in the other pool. So, how are we supposed to make the funds count for our pledge? Should it be purposely unstacked from the other pool and kept in the wallet without doing anything else? Should we do something to establish it as the pledge?

Thank you!

Check the address on … it should be delegated to ur pool, in case not delegate the wallet to your pool…

Thanks for your reply. It is delegated to the other pool.
So, to make it count for the pledge in the new pool which has this wallet indicated as pledge address, does he have to undelegate and just keep it in the wallet? Does he have to do any other stuff?

U need to re-delegate to ur pool

Thanks! Ok, so he has to delegate to the pool as it would be a normal delegator but instead of counting as a delegation, will it count for the pledge amount?

Pledge = owner delegation

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Yeah, exactly, cool, it was just to be sure there was no need to perform any extra action as when you your pool has a single owner, you need to send the funds to the pledge address (actually moving them from your wallet and not delegating it).

Thank you! All clear!

Nope, u don’t need to move anything

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