Late Pool Pledge

I registered my pool with 500ADA through Yoroi. Voyager made me jump through hoops to withdraw my ADA. Now I finally have my pledge ADA and Trezor/Ledger.

How do I pledge safely? My address where I initially sent 506ADA says 3.2ADA now, but I want my 100,000ADA pledge done with Trezor or Ledger. Is it possible after already sending without them? Thanks in advance!

You will have to add a second pool owner with hw wallet, update your certificate and then transfer your pledge there.
Check this out GitHub - vacuumlabs/cardano-hw-cli: Cardano CLI tool for hardware wallets


Thanks. My homie pledged 2,000ADA with a Trezor. I registered with Yoroi. Seems like after I pledge with my Ledger we will have THREE owners! :man_facepalming: