Moving pledge to a HW wallet


I’ve updated my pool to include my HW wallet as an owner of my pool (following the coincashew guide). I have two wallets, one that I have my pledge on and another wallet with some more of my ADA. I know I should make it all into one single wallet and up the pledge accordingly (this is my first step)
Coincashew warns to wait 2 epochs before moving the pledge so you don’t remove your pledge early. But given my HW wallet contains enough to meet my pledge already (and is showing up on pooltool etc. as meeting it) can I just go ahead and move it all to my HW wallet now?

Nope, because the pledge will not met for the actuall/older wallet… if registered the hw wallet just wait 2 epochs and then move the pledge … or u can move now if u don’t care about rewards

Even though my HW wallet contains enough ADA to meet the pledge now?

Yes, because u know that the stake/rewards are delayed with 2 epochs… so for example if now u will register the hw wallet for pledge … will be active after 2 snapshots

Let me explain better …

If u will remove the pledge now from the old wallet the pool will see missing pledge because the pledge from hw wallet will became active after 2 snapshots

That’s why u need to wait 2 epochs… to become active the hw wallet

Ah, ok good point.

My HW wallet was already delegated to my stakepool but it has now become an owner.

I’ll just leave it along for 2 epochs. Better safe than sorry.

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Follow up question, now that I have a hardware wallet as owner of my pool. Does that mean any updates to my pool cert, etc. also need to be signed by the HW each time?

I am not absolutely convinced, but I think yes

Is it possible to have the HW be the only owner of the pool as opposed to having 2 owners if we implement this option.

HW wallet can’t be used as a main/pool wallet but u can use it as a pledge wallet

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What do you mean “can’t be used as a main/pool wallet”?


Ah, I see, thanks for that. (I’m not using CNtools so I didn’t get any warning like that) I’ll leave the my cli wallet on my pool too to keep paying the transaction fees. And I guess to get my deposit back if I ever retire the pool!

This is the best choose; and import wallets for pledge

U will receive 500 ADA back as rewards when u will retire the pool