How to return deposit fee 500A

Hi. Guys,
During building a stake pool, i mistook something…
Many things do not operate now.
for example…
I cannot use Cardano-cli (socket 11).

I need to rebuild nodes… therefore… I want to refund the 500A …

Anyone helps me???

why you will need to refund the 500Ada? bkp the pool/wallet files, rebuild the node and use the same pool/wallet files

and what do you mean you can’t use cardano-cli (socket 11)? are u using an user with sudo rights?


I faced cardano-cli … permission denied… I do not know how to solve it…
(Permission denied)

but, did u copied the files (cardano-cli/cardano-node) or u compiled the node?
also did u checked the permisions of the files?

My pool was registered. but the pool was not searched in Yoroi… the pool was shown in
Then, I changed the Metadata… During the change, it seems that I did mistake.
Cardano-cli does not operated well.
The changes pool name was not searched in pooltool… T_T

what is the ticker? you can search it on by ticker or by pool ID

the node must be started and synced before to submit a new certificate

ada4u was changed yabak… three hours ago.

this is your pool?

yes,it is mine.

then, check if the node is started and synced, then try to submit a new certificate

ok. thanks.

thanks. I am afraid the 500 A will be lost to submit a new certificate.

No man, will not be lost… u will lose only if u will lose the pool files or wallet files

where should I start?
from setting payment and staking keys? or registering staking address??

you said that the pool was registered right?
and you will want only to modify the ticker right?
then it means you will need to create a new pool certificate… and you can use this guide to do that

cardano-cli: network.socket.connect: <socket 11>: permission denied … T_T

how is the node? running? synced?

hello…I did stakepool updating incluing stakepoolid.txt.
but I can not fine mine in

block & relay nodes are running…
But I can`t see updated my pool in I think I should wait.

In addition
./ then, I face resultcode : 504 datetime -------- iptype 4 msg one request per hour please.

This is the status of the pool

  • wrong metadata hash
  • wrong relay i formations inside pool certificate (u wrote the IP to the DNS name; if u will want to register the IP then use the proper field + public IP)

IP based relays, 1 entry per IP address

--pool-relay-port 6000 \
--pool-relay-ipv4 <your first relay node public IP address> \

for topology updater check if on crontab u added more than 1 field for topology updater script

Type crontab -e