Relay online then offline, glive shows in-sync

Can’t pinpoint what’s going on. My relay is online and then offline when I check pooltool and server status. I know that pooltool has a 5 hour delay.
I have verified my port is open although now it appears the port is now closed. Maybe a router issue?
My relay is in sync and gets off tip by at most 60.
My firewall shows the port is allowed.
I have 1 relay up and running, my second is problematic.

Pool is FRSC

If u have IN peers then it should be fine


I had also noticed my RTT is sky high on my other relays to this one. 400+. It’s all on the same network for now till I get stable then I’ll relocate this node

I’m running topology updated, and set my max peers to 10. But I’m getting 28, 20 in and 8 out. I don’t get it.