Relay offline

Hello. After the upgrade and some questions about ports being used for different functionalities, I ended up with a relay and a BP that weren’t working at all. Now I have them at the point where they are up and syncing with the blockchain. The BP is syncing via the relay. But when I go to, it says that my relay is offline. In a situation like this one, does the relay become recognized as being up right away? Or does it take a certain amount if time? If there’s something wrong, how do I test it’s status without relying on a website? It’s a CoinCashew setup if you need that info. Thank you.

If you relay is synced and it is processing transactions then you’re all good. But it won’t process transactions until you’re synced. pooltool is unlikely to be showing online until your relay is synced.

Thank you!

You were right. Thanks again!

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