How to check that the node and relay are working properly?

Hi everyone!

How do you know that everything is working properly? Everything looks good, but I am not minting any blocks for 2 epochs now, the chance of which is less than 10% according to I had one of the relays offline for the most part of it because I only set up a second relay to have it running during future updates to minimise downtime. The internet line is the same for both relays. Is there some other reason to have multiple relays running? Do I get penalised if one of the relays that is declared is offline? This seems very unlikely but that’s one of the only things I can think of.


I hide my BP on the internal network with an internal ip which is unaccessible from the outside. And the only port I open on my physical network firewall is 6000 for both relays. (Port 169+170 external forwarded to 6000 internal).
My ticker is CH1.

everything is fine

if u have on Producer peers (IN/OUT) and u are processing TX then it is fine

check with CNCLI for slots, at least you will know if u had blocks assigned and u missed them

Your BP seems to be good, it has 2 peers in and out, those are your two relays that are communicating with the node.

As for being penalized for having an offline relay (Taking in consideration that you have two), I don’t have the accurate answer, but I doubt that you will be penalized. Because the whole purpose behind having relays is to make sure that the job keeps going if one of them went down. Since one is still communicating to the BP, I think you should be fine.

Your issue could be simply luck related.

Nope you will not be