How to make a dark (private) relay public?

hi folks!

I have a relay which is currently hidden that I would like to make public
(partly so that propagation delay data collected by e.g. pooltool will more accurately reflect what my pool is doing).

I can’t find out how to do this, any suggestions?


Update your pool registration with new relay and probably it will be nice to have topology updater running on it.

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Well, you can:

  1. announce it in your registration-certificate
  2. announce in CLIO1’ API (topologyupdater)
  3. Open your node’s port to everyone
  4. Optionally pull peers from CLIO1’ API
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Thanks both! I’m already running topologyUpdater and have lots of peers, so I guess that all I need to do is update the registration certificate?

Yes, correct.

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Thanks folks, that worked :slight_smile:
Have a good one!