How to run testnet node and mainnet node on background at the same time

Hi everyone,

After searching for a while, didn’t find any post regarding this.

I know running node for testnet and mainnet use different configuring files, and on the cardano developer portal, they are showing the same port. But can I run both testnet and mainnet relay node on background (I assume I’d need to change the port number)?
Do I need to make two different cardano-run process?
In that case, it is ok when I run cardano-cli commands just change different network, like testnet-magic ***/--mainnet? Is the rest command the same?

I currently run the testnet as a systemd service, I can definitely just go ahead and run a mainnet node as another service on the background, but I want to ask before head, in case I would messed up the configurations on my server.


should work if you are pointing the right files for each mainnet/testnet process


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