How do you create a new additional node with testnet in parallel?

I followed an online guide and setup my Cardano Node/CLI and Relay on the mainnet successfully. However I want to test some things out on the testnet.

Someone suggested that I create a new additional node with testnet in parallel.

Can someone please share the steps on how to do that?

Hi! I think you could run it in parallell if you have the hardware for it and use separate directories and ports. You would need to use different startup scripts as well and make sure logging etc are done in separate. The binaries could probably be shared.
I have a separate cloud server running for test, they can come pretty cheap if you don’t need the performance of a mainnet server. That way I can ensure I will not affect my prod environment in any way when I test stuff. So that is what I would suggest if you can afford it :slight_smile:

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Freja in testnet I could never get my node to sync up maybe 3 to 4 weeks ago, is there some definitive guide for testnet. I got mainnet down but does make me a bit nervous not having a test server for testnet.


I think this one is okay, but the node version is out of date at this point, a few tweaks to the code will be needed, but it shouldn’t be too many. Not sure if there is a more recent version out there.

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I did go through the class but would be left syncing node and would run into bad block and all peers practically would be disconnected. I can try again since I understand a bit more now.