Running a testnet node (as a relay only, no BP)

This might be a silly question, but can I run just a relay on testnet without registering it as a stake pool?
If so, how do I announce my relay presence to the network? I am intending to get it running on the p2p protocol, but I don’t want/need to have it as a stake pool.


Hi @jeremyisme I can only answer your question partially. You can run the Cardano node as a relay without a BP. I don’t really know about how you can announce it, in my testnet node I see P2P is still disabled, not sure if this feature has been released, if P2P is enabled think the network should find your relay automatically.


For the moment u must use topology updater to announce the node presence to the network or u can ask someone to add your node as a static entry in their topology files


Ah, you’re right. I take it the topology updated still works on test net then.

By the way, I have enabled P2P on my relay and I’ve been getting plenty of peers now, so the p2p seems to be working well.

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it’s in testing phase, I hope soon will be released on mainnet