How to save my companies manufactured finished goods record as a json obj on the chain?

I work for a company that makes automotive transmission components. We send out the door pallets of parts. I make the software that talks to the CNC and other manufacturing machines and saves all this data and makes a traceability log. This field is called SCADA.

I have a very traditional stack react frontend, MySQL, and OPC server

I’ve done zero blockchain development, But, would consider myself a bit of a Cardano zealot. I don’t know Haskell. But, in the automotive space, there is much to do about on-chaining your assets.

Is there a way outside of operating a node to serialize a transaction and send it to the chain? With a REST API or some such. I am quite confused about how to build the tx.

How much infrastructure, that I don’t understand at this time, am I going to have to build? What services are available to make this easier?

I need to be pointed in the right direction on how to achieve the following goal. As economically as possible as I will fund it as a personal pet project in the beginning then pitch it for enterprise adoption.

As many as 100 JSON objects a day. Saved on the chain. That looks something like the following. How to figure out the tx cost?

  "name": "UN8282304000010122",
  "material": {
    "heat": "ATXX15214",
    "batch": "19D02B001",
    "index": "somestring",
    "rev": "somestiring"
  "prod": {
    "machina": "T51",
    "op": 2525,
    "shift": 1,
  "cust": {
    "custID": 1001,
    "storageLoc": "B0330",
    "storagePos": "B0330-1"
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I would say you don’t want to store any like above objects on the chain, but just store a hash on the ledger. The ledger is public and your company doesn’t want to make this information available to anyone.


That isn’t true. There is a big push for transparency in automotive components manufacturing. If you’re familiar with the Tenkara incident you’d likely understand why.

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I know there is a big push for transparency and I am aware of these. Most of the large companies run enterprise ledgers that are not open to the public but only to members. (Where members might be running their own node in a non-public ledger)

Are you planning to run your own Cardano based blockchain network or are you planning to make use of the blockchain ran by IOHK that will move into a fully decentralized public solution?

If it is the last scenario all information will be available for everyone. I don’t think the industry is yet there to be that transparent to the public.

Or didn’t you have thought about this?

Not criticizing you but in case you would go for the Cardano public ledger, I think you will have a fight ahead which you will probably not win. Reason, you need to align with all the parties in the supply chain. Where you might think it is a good thing to make things totally transparent, others might think else.

To speed up things up within your organization and their supply chain I think it would be better to propose a private chain on basis of the Cardano blockchain since more entities in your supply chain will be willing to align with the idea of transparency between members then their internal data being available for the public.

Jmho. In case you like to discuss this in private you can contact me via my channels on

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Sounds really interesting!

I don’t know if there exist any services or interfaces for such a thing that can be trusted. That would basically be the same principle as a light wallet?

If you have a look at the following manual you’ll notice that it’s easier to get the required information for creating and sending transactions if you also have a running cardano-node. I guess if you want to make sure the transaction contains proper metadata of your parts and sign it by yourself you need at least to use cardano-cli or build the same logic somehow by yourself…

In Step 3.4 there’s an explanation about how to calculate the estimated fees of your transaction.

I think running a node is not that complicated if your goal isn’t to run a professional stakepool. From what I understand Daedalus wallet is running a full node too.

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Yes, we want the info available to everyone. It’s public knowledge.

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Thank you!

I would like to use Cardano as its the only other coin, beside BTC, that I hold. But, some others are looking good for make a POC for what I want to do. VeChain

In the future there should be some way to send a transaction thru some service with an HTTP request with a key of course. That returns the tx id back to you.

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Hi Will,

In case your company is interested we could probably help you in achieving this via a POC. Would this have value to you?

We have a development team with lots of background in blockchain development but mostly on Ethereum, but we started with Haskell development since a month or 2 ago, getting ourselves familiar with it before completion of Goguen. My company is located in the Netherlands, but we could offer these services from remote.

I am running myself a stake pool and committed to Cardano.

You can reach me via the social channels on my stake pool website


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Hey @Will_King

Stumbled upon this today - this maybe could be something for you if you want to get started without maintaining all the required infrastructure for yourself: