How to secure private keys when the founders of the staking pool want to stop working together

Teams split all the time and in small companies even more often.

So it’s a plausible scenario that two friends start a staking pool and later, for whatever reason, they decide they don’t want to keep on working together.

Since both friends have access to the stake pool keys, if one leaves the project, it leaves his partner with a security issue.

Should he re-generate the stake keys after his partnes leaves the project? Is thateven possible? Should he close the staking pool and start a new one, so he’d be the only one that would know the new keys?

What do you guys think would be the best solution to this problem?

Your wallet funds are seperate for each owner, and should not be shared in any conditions.

With regards to roles, you only have 1 pool operator. If you ended up sharing keys, you started on wrong foot already.

Having seperate keys allows you to move your funds independently. The operator will always have the leverage of continuing to operate the pool at lower pledge, if you move your funds out from your own wallet.

In general, co-owning a pool is NOT supposed to be a standard practice, as it defeats the purpose of introducing pledge (if it was as flexible, almost every delegator would pledge instead). This is - in spite of bad practice where folks losely holding the term pledge equating it to a service


Sir, please, I have a doubt (actually several). Me and two more friends are studying how to open up a pool. I would give the pledge, one is responsible for merchandising or the third will be the SPO (he lives in Portugal, and I live in Brazil). I want to have control over my pledge, so I don’t want to share my keys. Is it possible to do all this safely remotely, while the SPO is in Europe? Besides that, I talked to a SPO and he recommended me to buy a new notebook to setup the pool initially, before putting it online on VPS. My friend, which is in the project, it is arguing that this is not necessary, intending to save more money. Is this practice really necessary por safety reasons? What are the risks involved?

Thank you