How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

check the bashrc file
cat ${HOME}/.bashrc and show me the last lines with exports
then check if the bin files are on the right location:

cd local/user/bin
ls -l


cd ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/
ls -l

Works now. Might be because the node version in the command in the guide wasn’t updated or I did something twice.

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Where are the pool names/metadata stored? I created two for testing but only need one and I don’t see an option to ‘delete’ one since I never registered it and I want to use the same name. I could just register it but I think I’m out of tAda and I can’t request more until tomorrow.

where u uploaded

I’m referring to my local machine. They’re not uploaded because they’re not registered. I only made one or two on my local machine.

Hey Alex, for some reason I have a relay that is connected out to my block producer but not in.


  1. Check on BP if u alllowed the relay IP (ufw)
    test from relay with command:
    telnet BP_IP BP_cnode_port (ex telnet 6000)

  2. Check if u added the BP IP inside relay topology updater script and also if u uncommented the line (custom peers)


I’m getting

Command failed: transaction submit  Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraAlonzo (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (WrappedShelleyEraFailure (UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO (Value 497443085 (fromList [])) (Value 1497443085 (fromList []))))),UtxowFailure (WrappedShelleyEraFailure (UtxoFailure (BadInputsUTxO (fromList [TxInCompact (TxId {_unTxId = SafeHash "<hash>"}) 0]))))])

ERROR: failure during pool register!

when trying to register my pool. I’m pledging 100 tAda. Is that enough?

Your errors are:

That has nothing to do with insufficient pledge.

Somehtings wrong in how you build the registering transaction.

Maybe one of the --tx-ins is already spent?

go to cntools - wallet - show or list and check the balance

Says 1,497.443085 | Ada

Ok and the node is fully synced right?

I think so:

Then should be fine… go to cntools - pool - register if u didn’t registered (u can check with cntools - pool - list)


It seemed to work but on the configuring the producer node part, it still said relay. I decided to use the Ansible playbooks provided on another page because they’ll probably set my pool up better and more securely than I can at the moment, but there are still more technical issues.

Do you know of someone who could be sort of a mentor in this sysadmin journey (maybe who has a bit more time than someone like you probably does? Or maybe I can just keep asking about errors on this thread but they’d be more regarding the Ansible execution)? A staff member PM’d me about a private channel where I could get help but now I can’t find it. I actually just found the link to the Telegram channel so I can use that.

Such messages are always attempts to scam you! Report and block such attempts/users!

Nobody on any Cardano platform will ever DM you out of the blue without asking/announcing in a public channel first.

If it’s not closely related to CNTOOLS, you should better open a new thread also in the “Setup a Stake Pool” category.

Make sure to link to the source of your Ansible playbooks.

That way, you will probably have the best chances to find some people willing and able to help you.

General question, should we be using node v1.34.1 (or always what the latest version is) or 1.33.0 for now?

@Alexd1985 I am getting ready to start installation testnet first and mainet later for a new pool. I decided to use Contabo VPS and I see that you are using it as well. I would like to run 1x BP and 2x Relay nodes. Which package would you suggest ? Can all 3 nodes run on same VPS, if I assure static routing under same subnet for R1 and R2 ? Cheers


For mainnet 1BP and 2 Relays

For testnet u can use only 1 BP and 1 Relay

For BP I will recommand VPS plan L
For Relay I will recommand VPS plan M

As alternarive there is also this provider