How to stake(delegate) your ADA from android and IOS using Yoroi Mobile | Cardano Staking Guide

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as if anyone has 7 mins to waste.
give the text version

Welcome to the community, a lot of people enjoy video guides. I am a text guide guy too but not everyone is the same :slight_smile:

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Hey @ada123123, welcome to the community also…

There are lots of textual instructions for this exact same thing, that you can find elsewhere. Even a quick google search will get you there.

This one here is for visual people. We do not pay for it and no one is forced to watch it against their will. So, there’s no need to be grumpy about it. :blush:

Big Pey what is the easiest fastest way to claim claim pre August ITN rewards? As of last week the answers I was getting was to download Daedalus on a PC with a strong connection.

Any suggestions?

I saw you can’t open wallet with fingerprint. Why don’t you report it. I have this problem for a long time too and they don’t fix it…

I would reach out to them on their discord: