How to start a ADA for fiat business?

Can you easily start a crypto company in the Netherlands?

As a starting crypto-currency company you encounter a lot of resistance. The Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Authorities are still succeeding, but after that a lot of has started. We would like to sell and buy a number of cryptos for Euros. So Ideal is important and other foreign pay-gateways such as Bancontact and SofortBanking are also welcome and useful.
We tried many banks in the Netherlands. We started with a bank who allready has a crypto-company as his customer. We filled in the form online and contacted them after 5 days. We would get a form by post to fill in. We have been waiting for the letter of this bank for a long time, it could not find the road to our mailbox. After a few weeks we received the letter from this bank, no questionnaire only a rejection. Then we tried our own bank, we banked ourselves at this bank a long time and made an appointment. In the office it all seems nice, helped by a very attentive young man. Then we receive a questionnaire by email. We have filled in and sent these immediately. After completing the questions you will be immediately rejected without giving any reason or further questions. All emails from this bank are sent without a name, everything as remote as possible, without advice or interest. They have the freedom to reject and refuse customers is it called. So simply rejected again. They all use the same reason, cryptos do not fit into their policies, they are dangerous, they are not trustworthy. They do not reply or do not send what they promise. There is no question of help or advice. The payment gateways like Mollie and others the same. They say they can not control these accounts. While the account is the witness of all transactions, or not?

Every bank or payment gateway has a very unhealthy approach to cryptos. This is the money from and for the people and of course the government? People and the government can still become boss over their own money?

What is then the policy that everyone is rejected so quickly?

It would contain a very high risk. And the people themselves can not think and can not decide whether they can handle it. The banks protect you against all this dangerous “money” and will decide for the people who are not so well able to estimate all those risks. Banks and paygate providers should be service companies, in the service of people, government and companies, but that is clearly not the case. They have the power, they are higher in the hierarchy and they clearly follow a completely different agenda. They do not want cryptos to become anything at all, they loathe it, their earnings model (money creation) may even be in danger due to this erroneous “super money”.

Everyone who engages in a little bit about our money system finds out that this is not such a fair system and that money is created from nothing at all, nothing and more nothing by a O-O-nothing. Why can not people do that, create money out of nothing. Why is that the exclusive right of a number of big boys? The money system is determined by a number of people in the world and they want to maintain this exclusive right at all costs. Why do countries always have debts? Why is the central bank of a country not of the people or government of that country? Why are the central banks of almost every country in the world of a number of private companies? Why are the BIS, all (large) banks and central banks of a small group of people? Why are almost all former politicians bribed and getting a big job at a bank? Why you do not learn at any university or school where our money comes from? Why can not cryptos be anything? We will see if they will succeed, suppress it, forbid it. The spirit is now happily from the bottle. Whether that spirit can be pushed back is the question. All things that are limited or suppressed will to the left or to the right still remain.

We are very annoyed that our company cannot find a pay-way to the regular fiat money, but the reasons are clear, no cryptos can be sold via Ideal or banks. For example, Fiat money is the Euro, Dollar and all other currencies in the countries. Fiat money is money that does not take its value from the material it was made of (such as gold and silver), but whose value is purely based on the trust that people have in it.

The few companies that now sell cryptos and were on time now have the privilege of selling cryptos. Probably they will later also be banned. For competition they do not have to be afraid now, it does not come quickly.

The advantages of Blockchain money with respect to Banks:

  • This is money without limits.
  • This money is not a debt.
  • People are boss over their own money.
  • Very low transaction costs.
  • No intermediary (Bank) needed anymore.
  • You can trade and use your Coins 24/7.
  • Easy use via mobile or computer.
  • With multiple signature options, multiple people decide on the portfolio.
  • Very fast transactions (minutes instead of days).
  • Unprecedented sense of freedom for people.
  • A payment or withdrawal limit is a thing of the past.
  • Coins are deflating and become more true, a maximum number of Coins.
  • The users determine / decide together on the blockchain.
  • Blockchain is a decentralized system.

We are sorry that we do not get the chance to sell coins for fiat via the internet. But we go on diligently and once comes the day of the settlement!!

Some help is greatly appreciated!


I think it’s not neccessary to convince anyone here of the advantages of crypto currencies… :wink:
Maybe try the German Fidor Bank for your business. They are partnering with and with All EUR deposits to Kraken go via Fidor.

The legacy banking system is kind of hand-tied in this regard. I am afraid this won’t change until cryptos begin to assure that KYC/AML due diligence has been carried out on their networks without gaps.

None of the banking industry regulators are tolerant to lapses in KYC/AML process; and that is in the best interest of “we the people”

Penalties for lapses are stiff, rightly so. That makes bank mangers very nervous while accepting business from systems that cannot guarantee a complete trail of KYC/AML process.

So until this is addressed in crypto networks only the very large players in crypto business will be able to maintain relations with banks.

It can also all be checked and honestly assessed. If all questions concern KYC / AML all are answered correctly, all transactions will run via a traceable company account and that everything and everyone is rejected, then I have questioned the justice of the rejection. It is a common problem in the Netherlands and Europe that all new companies are rejected. And I wonder if this is not the beginning of the end of cryptos. I hope not but it will soon be banned in Europe.