How to survive as small pool operator in this cut throat environment?

As a small pool operator, the struggle is real to keep your servers running every months because you spend $$ and you don’t get rewarded. As a believer in Cardano mission, I think sometimes that’s not enough we all need support to get started if and only if those big pools were not greedy they would delegate small of their ADA into smaller pools jut to get them started…
As an operator of FasoPool


Indeed, here my thoughts on the current dilemma. ASTOR runs non-profit and is still economically viable, perhaps because of it.

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We are waiting for multi delegation and k increase to 1000; these updates should help us


Hope you are right Buddy

The only way to get a pool to the point of financial self-sustainability is to either invest lots of your own money or attract stake = actively promote the pool. If I wanted to delegate to your pool, I wouldn’t even know the name or ticker.

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I will add my pool name

Yeah, it’s rough out there. There’s a ton of pools and as a former newbie, it’s hard to know which ones to choose.

The BRO pool is newish and struggling to get off the ground. I’m really just embarking on my marketing materials, but reaching the people that are just learning how to stake is difficult. And who wants to join a pool that has yet to mint a block… no matter how good the nodes are.

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You are right and I hope when they change the K parameters it will help all of us

Do we have any idea what the timing for these are ? Desperately needed.

Nope, no dates for the moment.

Wish I’d submitted this as a question to Lex Friedman then!

Maybe all the small stake pool operators here should delegate to one another? I’m a small SPO myself and have been struggling to get any rewards.

That wouldn’t make any difference imo. If I delegate my X Ada to you and you delegate the same amount of your Ada to me, we have achieved nothing.