How to Swap Native Token?

I know that there are some swap that being build right now. Such as Cardax, Yayswap, Sundaeswap, and many more that I probably missed.

I try to contact Sundaeswap and ask how to list my token to their swap. But, nobody respond.
How exactly the swap process going? And what it takes to token issuer to list their token in the swap?
These swap (Yay, Cardax, Sundae) purpose is to swap native token to Cardano right? or Cardano to other token such as Doge or Eth?
Anybody have experience?

Thank you

Layer 2 for smart contracts is being deployed in August 2021. At the moment they are all in a test faze. Some swaps may be completed, but they can’t go live until deployment of Goguen. There are a few very skilled programmers that are already able to craft and transfer NFTs built as native tokens, but they are mostly just fun and collectibles. If you would like to check out Cardano road map for deployment details check here:

Thanks for your answer.
My next question, Is that possible if I want to use Pancake swap to swap my token?

I just try to bring this matter up again. Are there any functioning swap right now? Or anybody can help me to approach one of the swap?
I really appreciate any comment.
Thank you