Sundaeswap issues

I’ve been following much about Sundaeswap dex development since september. I understand I would say the top two layers of the network but nothing about the programming. But I have a few couple fleeting questions… if somebody out there knows, if you can answer them, I’d really appreciate it.

How many orders are they processing per day and how do I know in what order in line my order is to get processed through what they call a scoop?

My recent action on the network was two canceled Sundaeswap orders since the price range was too far off slippage. And one order of the liquidity for the Sundaeswap/ADA pool. Order was made January 23rd at 4:30 p.m. Central standard time. It’s still in waiting que for scoop.

After saying all this, my goal is to add liquidity to Ada / Sunday swap tokens in the Sundaedwap dex.

I know much about other parts of Sundaeswap so if anybody has a question out there feel free to ask.