MISSING LP tokens in SundaeSwap

Hello there!
I happened to add liquidity to a MIN/ADA pool in SundaeSwap two days ago. I did so in three different consecutive liquidity addings for that same pool.

Yesterday I realized that the pool LP tokens amount in my wallet was incorrect (a good bunch missing).
To make it more specific, if I consulted the “ORDERS” history page, and added all the received MIN/ADA LP tokens, they would all summ a total of
However, as per the “LIQUIDITY” page) I would have a total of 5.075.431.331 MIN/ADA LP tokens.

The missing 1.703.990.241 LP tokens had to be somewhere…

I looked at the “scoopedUTXO” registers for each one of the scoopings.

In two of them, the LP tokens output quantity (to my wallet) were correct ( the cardanoscan.io showed same amounts of LP tokens sent to my wallet than where shown in the “ORDERS” page.
However, in the thirs scoopedUTXO register, the OUTPUT amount was 1.703.990.241 LP tokens less than expected.

 My knowledge is very limited, so I could just share this findings with you, hoping that someone in SundaeSwap will read this posting, and help me out. It may be a bug, or not, but for sure that discrepancy in between what the LIQUIDITY and the ORDERS pages show, makes me feel quite odd, so some clarification, and maybe a fix, would make my day (and month, for sure!)

Thank you all for your help. Write meback if you needed more details :smiley:

Strange! I also see the same effect that I have four orders, where I received exactly the LP tokens announced on the orders page and one, where it’s less. (5 different liquidity pools in my case, but nevertheless the same effect.)

Would not you happen to know how to contact SundaeSwap support team??