How to tell whether a staking pool has it pledge fulfilled in Daedalus?

I’m still new to Daedalus. If you click on a staking pool, there does not seem to be any indicator to indicate if the pledged amount is fulfilled or not.

Or did I miss anything?


This is what are u looking, the pledge?


Not really. In your example, the pledge is 45K. My question is where I can find out whether the pledge is fulfilled. In other words whether the owner account used for pledge has 45K balance or not.

This is a critical question. If the pledge account does not have that many coins, during the next epoch the pool will not earn any reward. I’m just surprised there is no easy way to find out this critical information when I delegate my coins. I must have missed something here.

Aaaa, understand what u mean… u can check on or on

For adapools click on rewards and u will see the balance of the wallet


For click on green mark


Thanks, @Alexd1985. Is there a way to tell this from within Daedalus wallet?

I’m testing on testnet. I don’t think there is a web portal tracking staking pools on testnet. Or is there?

For Yoroi wallet, for example, they place a check mark next to the pledged amount. See pic below.

Nope, daedalus will not show u if the pledge is ok or not (maybe in future)

Ohh I didn’t knew it that yoroi shows u if the pledge is ok

For testnet go to and press mainnet
It will switch to testnet


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Terrific! Big thanks, @Alexd1985

Just found my staking pool there. Cool!