How to transfer ADA to the Orion Protocol (and back)

Some time ago I wrote this post

Since then, Binance has shut down the Binance Bridge and I’m wondering how others swap ADA native to any other chain. How does the arbitrage mechanism now work or do these markets become more and more disconnected?

The list of multichain swap platform is long, but none of them seems to support Cardano - at least none that I know of.

  • How do folks who traded ADA on Orion Terminal get theirs assets back to native?
  • Will SundaeSwap, AstroSwap, Maladex or any other have multichain support?

Please let me know if you found a way to swap ADA to/from BSC or any other chain for that matter.

PS: I know that you can deposit/withdraw on Binance, but this is not multichain swapping