How to transfer ADA to the Orion Protocol

In this post we describe how to transfer ADA from the Cardano network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that powers the Orion Protocol and vice versa.


Orion has recently partnered with Cardano to bring it’s on-stop crypto marketplace solution to the Cardano community. Through it’s terminal it allows access to major CEX, DEX + swap pools directly from your wallet.

In this tutorial we are going to use the Metamask browser extension to connect a Ledger HW wallet to the Binance Smart Chain.

Lets get right into it …

Step 1 - Connect Hardware Wallet

  • Unlock your Ledger and select the Ethereum application.
  • Click “Connect Hardware Wallet” and select an account

Your Ledger is now connected to Metamask ready to authorize transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet. This isn’t what we want however, instead we’d like to use the Binance Smart Chain.

Step 2 - Add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

After selecting the source asset on the Binance Bridge web page, we click “Add network” and switch to the newly added BSC network.

Then we connect Metamask with the Binance Bridge. In my case, I already have some BNB on this Ledger account, which we’ll need to pay fees on BSC.

Step 3 - Send ADA to the Binance Bridge Address

Now we send some ADA to the bridge address

After sending those 15 ADA to the given address, we should be seeing a confirmation screen. While we are waiting for those 300 confirmations (which will take a while), we can head over to the Cardano Blockchain Explorer and later to BscScan by clicking the given transaction id

Step 4 - Adding the ADA Token to Metamask

Although we can verify on BscScan that we received the 15 ADA as pegged Cardano Token, it is unfortunately not added to Metamask automatically. Lets do that real quick…

The ADA Token Address is: 0x3ee2200efb3400fabb9aacf31297cbdd1d435d47

Step 5 - Sending pegged ADA to Orion

We can now head hover to the Orion Terminal and connect the Metamask wallet

In the Dashboard we should now see our 15 ADA which we need to Deposit before we can start trading.

Other than on Ethereum we pay moderate transaction fees (in BNB) on BSC.

We could now sell those ADA on Orion, which according to them will always offer the best prices across a number of CEX, DEX and swap pools.

I of course would not want to do that :wink:, but I think it’s really cool that I could with no pesky KYC and those tokens always securely locked by my Ledger.

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Nice guide :clap:t2:

Nice! :slight_smile:
The links in first paragraph seem to be broken. They all send me to:

Merci - all links fixed. Here is the original.

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Nice post. The Binance Bridge is very good I myself have used it a few times for sending ADA. However it should be good to know that it could be a little dangerous since the amount of ADA in the Binance Chain (BEP2) + Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) is not fully backed by the amount of ADA in they Cardano custodial wallet. It is a minor issue, but the best is to be cautious.

You can check the proof of asset here: Proof of Assets

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This is SUPER helpful. Thank you +++++++ Wondering: does this work the same for other non-etherium based coins. BTC for example? I’m guessing yes.