Humanity's Blockchain: The Story of Cardano

Hello everyone, my name is Van Michael. I’m a blue collar guy with a layman’s understanding of blockchain. I wish I had a deeper understanding of the technology and I believe many others out there feel the same… I think this is a perfect reason to start a podcast covering the many ways in which the Cardano Network will create tangible change for the better in the lives of consumers, voters, workers, etc, via DApps built on the Cardano blockchain.

I have all the equipment necessary to begin recording and posting episodes. My hope is that the Cardano community sees the value in the concept and the Foundation is willing to work with me to present this important, cutting-edge information to Cardano enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Do you like, love, or hate this idea? Please let me know!

Good for you Van Michael👏

I’m a big fan of do it and let’s se what happens, mostly anything worth having takes time, so there will be periods when you think your wasting your time, push through and be prepared to modify your plan as you go, encourage constructive comment and ‘guest’ input on what you do.

Like you i’m not up to speed on the techy stuff, by reading the posts in the forum what i am appreciating is that there are some brilliant minds at work here (even though i don’t fully understand all the node talk !!!) and this is a big shout out from me to say thank you to you all :1st_place_medal::heart_eyes:. The community this project is developing is awesome and your input Van Michael will be very much appreciated​:+1:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m a big fan of the Cardano community as well!